Chefs love to remind us – perhaps with a bit of false modesty – that if the ingredients are of the finest quality there really is no need for a chef…

But learning a few basic techniques, following the motions of the experts and observing the cooking process can really make things easier for anyone – including those who are convinced that they can’t cook. Have some fun, nibble on something for starters or recreate the culinary experience by watching these easy video-recipes.

And if that isn’t enough, try real cooking lessons!

A holiday is the best time to learn how to cook. It’s exciting and fun. Spend an afternoon at Adelina’s in the kitchen with our chef Giovanni Sorano… you will learn how to fillet fish, prepare sauces, side dishes and marinades while listening to stories and traditions of Sicilian cuisine. And in the evening you can sit at the table and savour what you learned!

(Service available upon reservation, classes are designed for 6 participants or less)

Here are some videos of our recipes (in Italian)