Da Adelina” is not only a restaurant. It is also an excellent pastry shop in Panarea.

Taste traditional Sicilian pastries where the quality of the ingredients really does make the difference. Ricotta cheese, candied fruit, almonds, and pistachios… in versions that are as summery and sensual as your holiday.

Pamper yourself to the luxury of breaking your diet and order a cake from Adelina’s Patisserie in Panarea. You will make a big hit at the dinner table. And don’t forget to keep a couple of cannoli in your refrigerator for breakfast. You can also stop in at your favourite pastry shop in Panarea and enjoy the view from the terrace in the afternoon after a long day at the beach!

You will also find creative and innovative interpretations of traditional Sicilian sweets at Adelina in Panarea. There is a semi-frozen dessert on the menu called “pistachio on the sand”. You will be delighted to discover that the “sand” is a candied fruit and almond caramel.